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Why work with me

Well hello there! My name is LaTanya. With a heavy emphasis on the TAN (wink, wink). I have tried, succeeded, and failed at many things. But I never stopped searching. Over the years I have been the person people call when they need advice, or the honest truth. Sometimes they just needed a pick me up. Ya know, someone to remind them of all the awesome things they have accomplished. It was so effortless for me to listen, ask questions, and help them see a clear path. I have always loved it. It always filled me with so much gratitude to serve others. So, basically, I have been coaching my whole life! I just didn’t give myself the credit for it! Sound familiar? Then, one day, everything changed for me when I sought out support. Once I got coaching, I was finally able to have clarity and purpose on what my true calling is. Sometimes, all you need is someone to really see you.  My mission in life is to support as many people as I can in unlocking their true potential. To have self love, and spread kindness in the world just by being their authentic self.

What Can Life Coaching Do for you?

Coaching can help to bring awareness to what is holding you back. Help you create a plan, add committed action, and keep you focused on your goal. I am not here to tell you what to do, or how to do it. I get to be a source of support and raw honesty to help you achieve your goals. In a nutshell a life coach helps you improve your life, by helping you to create a plan to achieve your life goals, by holding you accountable, and providing feedback.

What we get to focus on:

Building stronger relationships with significant other, family and friends

Building self confidence through small daily habits

Creating a self love routine (yes, that is a thing!)

Empowerment, because, hello, you’re amazing!

Elimination of long held fears It’s time to re-write your story

Enhanced creativity to help you uncover your passion


Individual Coaching

Drop in one on ones with no commitment 

Individual coaching (Jumpstart)

A tailored to you program  with specific steps and detailed action to get you started on your journey.

Individual coaching (Elite)

This plan is for people who are tired of the same ole, same ole and are ready to let go. If you are open, and coachable, this plan is for you.

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Join our email list to stay in the loop about upcoming events and promotions! 


Clarity, Confidence, Commitment

Check out our different programs

Jumpstart program

We meet twice per month for 1 hour 

Access to me via voxer and email 

Can also do month to month after program


4 months. Last month free if paid in full, plus bonus 45 minute session every month
Elite Program


We meet three times per month for 1 hour

Access to me via text, voxer, and email

Can also do month to month after program


Last month free if paid in full, plus bonus  in person 45 minute session every month
Single Sessions

1 hour session


per session


We help clarify your goals, identify obstacles that may hold you back, and create a plan to achieve your goals, and overcome those obstacles by holding you accountable, and fostering good daily habits, and self awareness.

The free discovery session was designed just for this reason! Most mentally stable and functional people are great candidates for coaching. 

In short, accountability. Having someone in your corner to identify blind spots that are keeping you hidden. Also notable, having someone be objective and support you with creating daily habits that make a big change.

Most people who have achieved great things in their life did so with some sort of coaching. If you were going to train for a sport you would have a coach right? Even if you know how to play. Why? Because having a coach gives you an edge, accountability, pushes you, and encourages in a way that no one else can.






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